European digital bank N26 officially arrives in Brazil


After a two-year wait, the German digital bank N26 arrives in Brazil. The Central Bank of Brazil granted operating authorization for the “N26 Sociedade de Crédito Direto”. The company will have its headquarters in São Paulo (SP) and capital of R $ 2.008 million. The controllers are the founders of fintech, the Austrian Maximilian Tayenthal and Valentin Stalf.

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N26 arrives in Brazil

In Brazil, the N26 will be led by Eduardo Del Guerra Prota, who has worked at Cielo and Santander and has worked on the bank’s constitution since 2019. In 2020, he stated that the bank would operate on an offering model that includes digital account and products own or partners.

In mid-2020, Prota commented that at first the institution should offer a digital account with different types of subscription only for individual customers.

Directly in the N26 application, it will also be possible to have “spaces”, easy ways to open subaccounts. Gradually, the digital bank will make other offers available, such as credit and investments.

Founded in 2013, the N26 currently has more than 5 million customers in 25 countries. It has raised nearly $ 570 million in investment rounds and is valued at approximately $ 3.6 billion.

The N26 began operating in the United States of America in July 2019, and has since won over hundreds of thousands of Americans. On the N26 website, it is possible to open a digital account in just a few minutes.

Source: Seu Crédito Digital

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